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halffizzbin asked: What do you most want for Lydia next season? If someone already asked you about Lydia, same question for Allison :)

MOSTLY I WANT HER TO KILL PETER. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love me some Peter, he is deliciously evil and beautifully conniving and dripping with the trademark Hale sass, I love him as a villain and I love watching him on my TV screen. But I want Lydia to murder his ass so hard he never rises from the dead again. I want Lydia to tear him to tiny vicious pieces, or slowly poison him over a period of several months and smirk as he withers away, or inject him with a lethal dose of wolfsbane, or throw him out of an airplane and shoot him in the back of the head as he falls. I love me some Peter, but everything about that storyline made my skin crawl on Lydia’s behalf, and I want her to Get Hers and ruin him. And I want him to know that it’s her ruining him, and I want her to know he knows and love it. REVENGE, that’s what I want for Lydia next season. Revenge and continued flawlessness.