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paperquake asked: "#totally stuck on the concept of thrandy's like #Book Of Grudges now" just makes me think of Thranduil as the Regina George of Middle Earth, complete with his own Burn Book.

DUDE. I would SO WRITE THE TEXT FOR THAT if a) you were cool with me running with it and b) someone artistically inclined wanted to collab with me on the art end! I ACTUALLY CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING BETTER TO DO WITH MY ARMFULS OF CIGARETTE-ABANDONMENT RAGE THAN WRITE THRANDY’S HATE BOOK, plus I am totes going to see The Hobbit again tonight, so. If anyone is interested in doing this please let me know (and obvs, paperquake, if you don’t want me to run with it, ALSO LET ME KNOW THAT and I will, of course, cease and desist at once)!