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 #i don’t know what i was expecting

new head canon: derek was the one who took erica shopping for her new sexy werewolf wardrobe. he also took the liberty of going through her closet and throwing out everything he didn’t approve of. “grey, grey, more grey — my god, erica, how much grey do you wear? this shirt is fine, but only if you wear it as a dress, and you’ll need a cute belt to go with it, preferably leather with studs. what is this? is this a blouse? burn this.”

i have this whole headcanon about how there is a manager at macy’s who has been working at that macy’s since she was a teenager in the 80s

and now she’s in her mid-forties and just starting to go grey and rocking it, wearing these superfab outfits to work every day because fuck you, she’s had a macy’s discount for almost three decades and she hasn’t gone up a size since 1999 and that was only because of y2k panic, alright, and she’s got three kids who are all either in high school or middle school and her wife works for like, i don’t know, a travel agency or something. and they’re comfortable, money-wise, ends always meet even if they only barely meet, but it’s always kind of a scramble at the end of the month, and the kids always want something and there’s always someone yelling about who gets to use the car when and she and her wife would just like to go on a GODDAMN VACATION ONE OF THESE DAYS, but she still shows up flawless to work every morning and…. like, okay, tl;dr: basically her life is kinda insane but she is a complete bamf about it

but sometimes her job is HELLA FRUSTRATING, because like, you know, the beacon hills macy’s seems pretty heavy on the likelihood of ridiculous wealthy suburban white people coming in and being assholes, and having worked in that particular brand of retail that shit can be a serious fucking bummer  

and so, back before the fire, she used to LOVE the hale family. because they would come in to buy things and just like, sass up the entire place, like when laura was in high school she’d sometimes breeze through the macy’s with derek tagging along behind her, and she’d just point at people going “no” and “no” and “seriously, lady, orange?” and her mother was even worse, and everybody knew peter back in the day, because there were people who actually thought peter WORKED for macy’s because when he got bored he’d come in and give people unasked for fashion advice and butter up to the employees, including headcanon!manager, with coffee and pastries so they wouldn’t ban him (which he didn’t even need to do because after awhile they started getting people asking if he was a personal shopper and could they hire him)

AND BASICALLY LONG STORY SHORT: it makes me really happy to think of derek revamping erica’s wardrobe in the macy’s with his sass out on full display, and this manager happening to catch a glimpse of them from the next aisle, and duck out of his eyeline and grin to herself, because 

not that it wasn’t a terrible tragedy in its own right and everything, not that she wasn’t already sorry about the fire, of course she was

but hell yes, there are hales back in town