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This is 7 seconds long and you should watch it.


guys look someone removed my soul from inside my body and made it into a youtube video about me ABOUT. ME. nothing has ever been more about me tbh it's so beautiful

remyblue asked: Curse you! You have re-awakened my Gimli/Legolas FEELINGS. Out of curiosity do you have any fic recs?

okay everyone I PROMISE I’M GOING TO STOP POSTING THINGS FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR AFTER THIS, but just as a general thing: y’all should never ask me for fic recs because i will never be able to help you! this is not because i don’t read a ton of awesome fic; this is not even because i don’t finish reading fics and go “i want to rec this!” the minute i’m done on the regular. this is because I AM THE LEAST ORGANIZED PERSON ALIVE and have a memory like a goldfish, and so within about three seconds of finishing a story i can no longer remember a) what it was called b) who wrote it or c) where to find it. TRY AO3. and i think there’s an old-school archive from the first round of LOTR fandom somewhere, but i don’t… actually… know where? i’m sorry, i’m useless in this arena, it’s a character flaw.


the internet made me do it:

The Rules:

1. Never act incautiously when confronted by a little bald wrinkly smiling man. (That’s always rule one.) 
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, then make 11 new ones.
3. Tag 11 people and link them to your post. IGNORE RULE THREE
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them. Inform the readers of the post you have made that they may feel free to consider themselves tagged, or not tagged, as they will. You are as tagged as you wish to be, readers. Only you can determine your own taggedness. 

I was tagged by leupagus, who is great and terrible, not necessarily in that order.

1. You have the greenlight from a movie studio to make a movie out of one story (that’s never had an adaptation before). What do you pick?

If we’re talking “story” in the sense of “book/books,” I think it’s a toss up between Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books and Daniel Handler’s The Basic Eight (with The Basic Eight probably winning, because honestly that’s a tale that begs to be told on screen). If it’s a question of a story from actual human history, though spoiled for choice, I honestly think I’d want to do a Lizzie Borden movie. The place in my heart that finds nothing more interesting than twisted murder narratives, let me show it to you. Oooh, or a Zora Neale Hurston movie, because she lived the Harlem Renaissance while she was writing Their Eyes Were Watching God, so you could theoretically structure a film about her life around a sort of split narrative? Like, on the one side you could have (accurately depicted) 20s/30s Harlem, with queer people and speakeasies and like, full period-piece immersion, and then on the other hand you could have this more traditional writer-narrative structured around this amazing book she’s putting together and publishing that she wouldn’t live to see get the reception it deserved??? Not to mention that there was backlash against that book WITHIN HER OWN MOVEMENT because of the politics within it and just like, look, GO READ ABOUT ZORA NEALE HURSTON’S LIFE OKAY, even the Wikipedia article is so interesting, a biopic about her has the potential to be gorgeously shot and FASCINATING and really play on the visually-told-story-about-a-word-oriented-person thing, which is something I always love. GUS WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME THIS QUESTION

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blanket permission/policy post!

Filed under: I HAVE BEEN MEANING TO DO THIS FOREVER AND KEEP FORGETTING. Thus, I am doing it now, before I, uh, forget. Apologies for those folks whose dash this is spamming; I’m making it largely so I can link to it for reference in some places. 

So, this is a post about fanwork based on fanwork and how I feel about it! And how I feel about it is great. If you want to podfic one of my fics, translate one of my fics into another language, make fanart based on one of my fics, remix one of my fics, write tags/extensions to one of my ficsbasically, if you want use my fanwork as a jumping off point for the creation of more fanwork—the answer is yes. Please consider this post my blanket permission. You do not have to ask me; the answer is always yes. I am honored and thrilled that you’d be interested it doing it, and, as I always am, totally staggered by how amazing it is to be part of a community where so much collective creativity is even possible, let alone commonplace. 

However! There are five brief little caveats. They’re under the cut!

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standard “hi, new people!” post:

hi guys!! welcome to my blog; i am excited to have you here! y’all can call me gyzym, or jizzy, or jizz—yes, i know what it means, and no, i don’t mind. i was trying to reference an allen ginsberg poem when i originally invested myself in the name, and by the time i realized what it actually meant (i was young, we don’t have to talk about it), it was too late. as you will come to discover if you continue to follow this blog, i am pretty intelligent in some realms, but there are definitely…gaps. it’s super okay to laugh at me; i am, more often than not, laughing at myself.

so, basic info: 23, american, bisexual, jewish, female pronouns, wildly vacillating relationship with capitalization, never vacillating love for this chick right here, no i am not going to post pictures of my face, yes i know i am hideously terrible at answering asks and i’m very sorry about it, and mostly what gets posted here is fandom stuff! sometimes also opinion stuff, funny stuff, culture stuff, social justice stuff, queer stuff, original writing stuff, and fuzzy animal stuff, but mostly fandom stuff. which fandom kind of depends on my mood, what fics i’m currently working on, and what robert downey jr is up to, give or take a few variables. my tagging system is ridiculous and nonsensical and useless as an organizational tool, and is going to stay that way largely because that’s a pretty accurate reflection of me as a person. i don’t do hate; i don’t do bashing; i sometimes do anger, but mostly i try not to, because being angry is not something i enjoy. everything i post is an opinion, and i am never trying to dictate yours. if i do something problematic, please tell me, and we’ll talk about how to fix it! anon asks are off and never getting turned back on because i have not missed the stress they caused me (sorry, non-stress causing nonnies, i do miss you guys!), but i promise that if you send me something you do not want published, i will not publish it <3  

i don’t know how many of you there are, because i rarely check my follow count due to reasons of sometimes it makes me nervous, but! should you have a poke around this blog and go “wow, this girl is waaaaaay too into tony stark for me” or what have you, every day is unfollowing amnesty day here at chez jizz, and you can feel free to hit that button at any time guilt-free. otherwise: hi hi hi! i am thrilled to have you, pull up a chair, and please be warned that it’s never going to get less bizarre. :D